Transition Flex Plan

                      The Lawford Solutions Transition Flex Plan (TFP) is an exciting new offering from Denver’s leading real estate investment firm. We revitalize properties and lives by simplifying the real estate process.   With TFP, homeowners have the opportunity to sell their home on their terms and in their own time. TFP allows a homeowner to choose from a large group of offerings and customize their real estate experience. From flexible closing and possession dates, estate sales assistance, attorney referral networks and cash offers – everything about the TFP makes selling a home easy! This simple, convenient process begins when professionals from Lawford Solutions are invited to a home for a free evaluation of the property. Using the data from the local Multiple Listing Service and that obtained while touring the property, the friendly, experienced Lawford Solutions team is able to assess the current value of any home in the Denver-metro area.   Once the research is complete, Lawford Solutions is able to provide a detailed report that predicts the net amount a homeowner would receive for the sale of their home using a traditional Realtor. This information is used as the homeowner, their agent and Lawford Solutions agree on a fair, honest price.   With the new TFP, homeowners can then select options that include:

  • Closing and possession date
  • What to leave in the home
  • Help with bank negotiations
  • Referrals to professional services

The Lawford Solutions TFP program is different because we can help a homeowner transition quickly and easily. In fact, our process often saves our clients thousands of dollars!

  • No Fees
  • No need to repair home before selling
  • No inconvenient showings
  • Easy closing process
  • Cash buyers

The Transitional Flex Plan will make selling your home the easiest real estate transaction that you and your clients will ever experience.   Home   |   About Us   |   Why Us?  |   Transition Flex Plan   |   FAQ’s   |   Contact Us