Why to Love the US Housing Market, Business Insider, 2-16-15

Selling a home in CO
It will be no surprise for our readers to learn that housing values have been on the increase in Colorado and across the nation. What may come as more of a shock is that the overall strength of the US economy has continued to improve, despite the depth of the recent recession. This is why, a recent report notes, there are several reasons to expect a continued increase in housing values.

The report lists 12 reasons why to expect the housing industry to continue to grow over then next few years. These include the higher employment rate for younger workers, the low inventory of re-sale homes and the increasing number of people forming families. In fact, the growth rate of family formation is at its highest rate in almost ten years.

It is just not the re-sale of older homes that is improving.
In fact, the National Association of Home Builders reports that the number of people looking for a new home has increased to the point that it is on the same level as the number of home shoppers in 2005. The percentage of GDP that new home construction holds continues to be lower than during a more traditional economic recovery.

Whether a person is buying or selling a home, now is a good time to be in a real estate transaction. With an increasing number of homes, both new and re-sales, for buyers to choose from, making the dream of home ownership a reality is easier than ever. Lawford Solutions can help people find their new home using tools such as the popular website, Lawford Previews.

For sellers, increased values offers more buying power in their next property.
The strong recovery of the housing market means that now may be a good time for homeowners to contact Lawford Solutions for a free home evaluation. The available cash offers, flexible closings and possession dates may offer choices to those looking to make a move.

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