Good news – selling homes easier in Colorado!

Selling a home in Coloardo
There is good news for homeowners in Colorado who are considering selling their homes in the coming year, says a recent report noted in the Cherry Creek News. The publication cited the CoreLogic Home Price Index when it noted that our state has led the nation in value increase over the past year. In fact, the value of homes has increased nationally each month for nearly three years.

Values are up.
According to the report, the value of homes in Colorado was up some 5 percent over the previous year. This number took into account those that were sold by buyers in distress. Those in distress can be on the verge of foreclosure or have missed loan payments.

There were signs, the Cherry Creek News stated, that the rate of appreciation may slow somewhat in 2015. CoreLogic forecasts that Colorado homes will slow to an appreciation rate of just 4.5 percent over the next twelve months. This, however, will continue to make us a leader in the value of homes nationwide.

If homeowners were to consider selling their homes in the Colorado market, now may be an ideal time, according to the published statistics. The increase in home’s value may allow those seeking to transition, such as seniors hoping to move to a more maintenance free lifestyle, to make a move. When that time comes, they may find that the information provided by Lawford Solutions Transition Flex Plan may help them to achieve their dreams of a new home.   Home   |   About Us   |   Why Us?  |   Transition Flex Plan   |   FAQ’s   |   Contact Us